8 Step Guide To Collaborations (First Timers) Continued…

Lately a number of artists and friends have been asking me for collaborations on their projects; productions, lyric writing, and full on song creation (Mix & Mastering). I am thrilled. While I have been putting in so much time thinking about getting my rapping and producing to the next level I am more than excited for the challenge of working with other artists to create some amazing  works.

The biggest challenge for me will be working out a mutually beneficial collaboration schedule with these creatives. With this in mind, the tactics that have been instilled in me by my current and past jobs will be my point of reference in these negotiations. It’s time to get started!

  • Respect
  • Breaks
  • Flexibility
  • Don’t Take It Personally!
  • You are not getting paid!
  • They aren’t getting paid either!
  • Don’t be a know it all
  • Read up/research

Don’t Take it Personally!


People are great. When they do some not so great things don’t assume it’s about you! People have just as much going on in their lives as you do and if not, more. If these people are your true friends or people that your trusted ones vouch for don’t assume they are out to get you when stuff goes wrong. Asking some open ended and non-condescending questions could help the group and you figure out what’s really the problem. Nine times out of ten it is not you personally. So when you all figure out what is troubling the group member try to help out and give thoughtful suggestions so the group can get the most positive result from the situation. Best case you all get closer to your group member by sincerely helping them through his struggle and the group comes up with a dope production.

You Are Not Getting Paid!


Relax. Chances are that this first collaboration will not be the determining checkpoint of your entire career. Mistakes are common so roll with the punches. Be creative. Don’t be a stickler on just what you think will start getting you paid immediately; especially when the group is not all on board with the same scheme. This collaboration is a passion not a paycheck; indulge in the experience you will gain from meeting not just the potential monetary benefits.

They are Not Getting Paid Either!


Tell them to relax! Unless you all went to a studio session with a engineer that requires payment in some form, then no one in there is getting paid either. Pushing your team to take chances and grow is good, pushing them as if they can get on board or get out is over board. It’s your first collaboration. Work with your team. Don’t work over them. When they get stressed remind them that they don’t have to worry and it’s more about the experience, playing around, and learning in the moment anyways.

P.S. The final steps will be in the next post. Stay tuned!


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