8 Step Guide To Collaborations (First Timers) Final

Lately a number of artists and friends have been asking me for collaborations on their projects; productions, lyric writing, and full on song creation (Mix & Mastering). I am thrilled. While I have been putting in so much time thinking about getting my rapping and producing to the next level I am more than excited for the challenge of working with other artists to create some amazing  works.

The biggest challenge for me will be working out a mutually beneficial collaboration schedule with these creatives. With this in mind, the tactics that have been instilled in me by my current and past jobs will be my point of reference in these negotiations. It’s time to get started!

  • Respect
  • Breaks
  • Flexibility
  • Don’t Take It Personally!
  • You are not getting paid!
  • They aren’t getting paid either!
  • Don’t be a know it all
  • Read up/research

Don’t be a know it all


You know how you could not be a know it all? Ask questions and then listen to the response. When you don’t know the answer say you don’t know and if possible try to help solve the problem, you could learn about it too. Who wants to work with a know it all anyways? I sure don’t.

Read up/Research


Seek your knowledge and know a little something before you come into the session. Maybe there is a question you have or concern that you haven’t had enough information to solve on your own. Research it. All the difference can be made when you give the effort of finding information that is useful to you. In this search you can wind up in a completely different place learning even more than you planned too. Where is the negative in that? Plus anything that you learned can be introduced to the group when it becomes relevant. Slowly and surely your knowledge and experience will rack up and your value to your group or any other affiliations will rise considerably so never stop seeking more knowledge.



There is a lot that goes into collaborations. From respect to research to flexibility the details of the meet up can drastically change the outcome of it. Don’t stress to much. Take this information and apply it in the most useful way as possible for you. I hope this series positively influences someone to have a great first time during a collaboration.

Thank You for reading.


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