Expressing Yourself

One thing I have learned while learning to understand my emotions is that there are different categories and types of emotions. Some seem perpetual, while others are powerful and yet momentary emotions. Knowing which type of emotion you are experiencing can be the key to satisfying the need to express your feelings. Do you feel this strong sensation that seems to be overpowering every other emotion or rational thought, if so, let us call that a spike. On the other hand, if you aren’t doing anything very stimulating to the body or mind and kind of just are observing your own vibe that you have been feeling for a while, let’s call that a concrete feeling. Take enough to time to realize if the feeling is a spike or a concrete feeling. Once you have recognized the type, at least in my experience, you should be able to focus on that feeling and even topic while expressing yourself through writing.

Specifically while writing about the concrete feeling, things might come out seeming a little deeper and true to your past. Your history and identity overall will be emphasized because most likely you have experience at least a similar emotion on multiple occasions throughout your life. Even more so, others might have experienced this same feeling a multitude of times. Make a concrete connection with your audience.

Most likely, you and your audience have also experienced what I am referring to as a spike. This this type of emotion can seem very powerful. As your expressing yourself, the written piece can start off strong, then fall flat the next day. Be weary of this dilemma. Try to write down some of the key characteristics of how you were feeling during the spike. That way, you have some notes to help you reconnect to feelings in that moment, if you wish to continue what you were writing.

Write your emotions into your pieces. Take some time to realize what you are/were feeling. Feelings can be complex. Fun fact, you do experience multiple emotions at once, hence the term mixed feelings. So, when really trying to express yourself as well as get understood by your audience, give your emotions the respect they deserve. In doing so, it will seem that you are more in touch with your emotions and your audience can relate to your pieces heavily.



Go With The Flow

Writing lyrics is expressive and does not have to stem from a specific realistic origin. Lyrics can come from an individual feelings; an abstract and intangible element. These lyrics can be powerful and deeply inspiring. The need for a predetermined goal for the series of lyrics does not have to always be present. Sometimes just letting the lyrics flow can result in an as descriptive and expressive project as intended and more.