Significant Moment


Given an interesting idea by an associate of mine at the time, I set out to do something no one else had ever done at Life School. I was going to make a rap song for the school and then perform it in front of the entire school during a football pep rally at the all new campus. This was big! I mean, I knew that I was a rapper and I was confident in my writing skills, this was an opportunity to show that I was ready for such a challenge.

The big kicker was that I had to write a song and memorize it in about 10 days! More like 8 days, because one of my favorite teachers at the time; Ms. Winnet had to approve the words and message it conveyed before the final plan for the pep rally was made. I was stoked, because the fastest I had ever written an entire song was 5 months… 5 months. Talk about adjusting turn around times. To put this in perspective this is like asking a turtle to become an Olympic sprinter! Like the parable about the tortoise and the hair, I was determined to rise to the challenge.

    To prepare for this I basically went through my own writer and rapper boot camp. I won’t go into detail right now, just know it had hours of brainstorming, writing, rapping, beat choosing, and a lot of inapplicable content. (In-applicable content: all content that you write/produce, and can’t utilize at that Specific Moment; it’s NEVER trash!) Exhausting about sums up how that process felt. That feeling completely transformed 9 days later when Ms. Winnet said “Alright, sounds good!” I had risen to the challenge and I was ready to show the entire school!